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Welcome to I.C.S.

Here at I.C.S. we understand how frustrating computers can be.  Thats why we strive to make your computing experience more enjoyable.  Whether your computer has viruses or you want to get rid of that old bulky monitor; we can help.

With a collective experience of 35 years, our technicians have been helping the community for over 16 years.  While keeping up with the ever changing industry, educating ourselves as well as the community is our goal.  

As the world becomes more intergrated with technology, the more problems arise with it. Thats where we can help. The use of computers in home and in the work place have become common tools we depend on. As Users we just need them to work, and work when we need them. When they don't it can be very flustrating and make you feel helpless. Our staff is dedicated to educating, preventing and getting you up and running.

We are always trying to expand our services for your convinence. Click on our SERVICES link to view all our avallable services. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, just click on the CONTACT US link.